APISA Workshop on New Asian Authoritarianism

APISA Workshop on New Asian Authoritarianism to be held in conjunction with Ewha Womans University and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung March 4-5, 2016, Seoul, South Korea

A large number of notable international scholars have agreed to participate in this workshop, with the aim of publishing definitive texts on the phenomenon.

Graduate students are also invited to attend as part of the audience, or to present papers in our student panel. We regret there are no bursaries to support student participation. There are, however, no registration fees, and at least lunches will be provided for all student audience and presenters.

If interested, please email bmg.howe@gmail.com to register as an audience member, and send a brief bio and abstract of proposed presentation if you wish to participate in the student workshop.

Deadline is Friday, February 5, 17:00 Korea time.